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Mechnical Seals ( Gleitringdichtungen )

The range of dipac mechanical seals  includes single and double working seals, single direction and bi-direction seals but also unbalanced and balanced seals. In our program are single spring, multi spring, wave spring, rubber bellow, PTFE bellow and metal bellows seals. We have also single working cartridges, double working cartridges, container seals and agitator seals in our assortment.
Our product range includes mechanical seals for pumps, agitators, mixers, conveyors, pulper, turbines and other applications in engineering.

Gland packings ( Stopfbuchspackung )

The gland packing program of dipac is for dynamic and static applications. These are braided gland packing from the following materials, graphite, PTFE, Aramid, hemp, ramie, fiberglass or other synthetic yarn, fiber and specific yarn or fiber compositions.
We offer braided gland packings in the square, trapezoidal and rectangular cross-section shape. We deliver gland packing in one piece, but also cut and on request, in form as prepressed packing rings.

Gaskets ( Flachdichtungen )

We supply gaskets than flange gaskets, heat exchanger gaskets, valve gaskets, manhole gaskets, other sealing element for low pressure and high pressure applications. Our flange gaskets are rubber based or from graphite or PTFE.
Special gaskets such as spiral wound gaskets, camprofil gaskets, steam head gaskets, steam joint rings, Ring Joints, Metal Jackets.
Our materials come from reputable manufacturers and are based on rubber, graphite, graphite, PTFE and mixed forms. They are punched, plotted or waterjet cuted. The seals are DIN or individually manufactured according to drawing. Gaskets with bar and hole circle.
Continue include PTFE tape, PTFE thread tape, Expanded PTFE tape with adhesive backing to the product range.

Rubber Moldings ( Gummi Formteile )

Our product range includes O-rings, V-rings, X-rings, V-rings for hydraulic applications. We manufacture also molded rubber parts according to drawing, molded rubber parts in the piece, rubber profiles from mixed materials such as rubber profile with profile metal or plastic with rubber profile profile. Vulcanization of rubber profiles rings or frames.
O-rings, O rings, coated with PTFE, PTFE coating, FEP jacket. Coating of rubber parts with PTFE. PTFE coating of molded rubber parts and rubber profiles for higher chemical resistance.

  ( PTFE )

We supply sealing elements from the following materials virginal PTFE, filled PTFE, glass filled PTFE, graphite filled PTFE, Ekonol filled PTFE. The products manufactured there are O-rings, X-rings, V rings, U and retaining rings. Retaining rings with and without cut. PTFE lip seals with spring support. Thread tape, mounting tape with expanded PTFE tape with adhensive assistance.

( Graphit, Grafit )

You get graphite, Grahite material well-known manufacturers as a band milled and smooth, with adhesive backing and without adhesive backing, plate material, sintered graphite. Sintered graphite for bearings, sliding surfaces without filling and filling with resin or antimony.

Heatprotection ( Hitzeschutz Material )

Heat protection respective insulating materials in ceramic fibre, glass fibre and silica fibre. Our product line includes heat protection blankets or heatprotection cushions, heat protection woven tubes, heat protection woven cloth, heat protection woven fabrics, heat protection woven tape. On request fabrics laminated with aluminum or PTFE. For these heat protection materials, we also supply manhole gaskets, welding blankets and heatprotection pads.

Repair Services
 ( Reparatur )

We refurbish/repair mechanical seals of all manufactures up to 180mm shaft diameters. 
Also the repair of pumps, agitators, mixers, conveyors, pulper, turbines is possible.

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